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Valle Isarco

Valle Isarco is one of the main valleys of South Tyrol. The Isarco River rises at Brennero and flows into the Adige River south of Bolzano. The northern part with Vipiteno is counted to the Wipp Valley, the southern part to the district Salten-Sciliar. The central part with Bressanone and Chiusa forms the actual district of Valle Isarco, which with its side valleys also has a share in the Dolomites. The fauna and flora in the valley is particularly rich.


The town of Chiusa developed below the castle rock of Säben from a border fortification of the Bishop of Bressanone. In 1308 the market settlement became a town. In the past centuries, Chiusa became known as an "artists' town", where numerous artists, such as Albrecht Dürer in 1494, stayed on their way from Germany to Italy.


Bressanone is the oldest city in South Tyrol and given to the Bishop of Säben by King Louis IV in 901. As the seat of the later bishops of Bressanone, the city was of great importance as the center of a prince-bishopric until 1805. Today, the medieval old town with its narrow streets and numerous shopping opportunities is one of the most charming places in South Tyrol.

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